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Let’s be real, these bridesmaid photos are going to be shared for everyone’s birthday every year for the next 2-5 years. So let’s make sure they are as cute as they can be! Bridesmaid photos can be both the most fun and the craziest photos on your wedding day. Whether your bridal party is made up of 3 or 13, there are a lot of dresses to fix, unintentional facial expressions, and “good sides” to take into consideration!

In this blog, I will share 3 cute bridesmaid photo ideas to add to your shot list to help tame the craziness and go into it with a plan!

01. First Look with Your Bridesmaids

This one is always a favorite of mine! Sit all the bridesmaids down, have them close their eyes, bring the bride in, get the camera ready, and then have everyone open their eyes. It is always so much fun looking through these photos to see the different facial expressions, some crying, some yelling “OMG”, and some just in awe. This shot is the perfect way to add some raw emotion to the wedding gallery, and they are always a favorite of the bride.

02. Surround the Bride with Flowers

Show off those bouquets! Have all the bridesmaids make a circle of flowers around the bride’s face. This not only shows those beautiful arrangements, but it also makes a great, unique closeup of the bride to show off her beautiful face! The flower frame adds a wonderful touch of whimsey to your wedding gallery.

03. In your PJs

This is a simple shot to capture and it’s always a favorite. Before everyone gets their dresses on, grab the champagne and fuzzy slippers and have some fun! Most of the time, when you get all the bridesmaids together, the laughter will naturally come. These are usually the hilarious and beautiful shots that will be cherished for years to come.

I hope you loved these ideas!


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