4 Instances Where you Need a Second Photographer for your Wedding Day

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It’s the question that I get almost every time I book a new Wedding Client! “Caroline, do I need a second photographer?” I understand more than anything that this can be an overwhelming question for so many. I can assure you that most photographers, including myself, are beyond comfortable shooting alone. Hiring a second photographer is about YOU. Your wants, your needs, and ultimately what works best for your wedding day!

So seriously, how do you decide if you need to hire a secondary photographer for your big day? The answer lies in thinking through the 4 instances below! Don’t worry, I’ve outlined them for you here:

01. You want different locations captured AND have a large venue.

You and your partner are getting ready in different locations and as much as we’d love to be in two places at once, unless you’re a real life superhero, this is nearly impossible! Having a second set of hands to capture you and your partner getting ready at the same time is invaluable. Also, if your venue in general is on the larger side, a second photographer automatically helps cover more ground. Divide and conquer!

02. Your family is big, bridal party is more than 8, and have over 120 guests.

Big groups of people logistically take longer to capture photographs for. There is more direction being given, and ultimately more photos to be taken, that include more people. Simple math! But no simple shooting with one photographer. A second photographer in this scenario almost guarantees a seamless photography experience and you’ll love the amount of photos you receive after editing time.

03. You want the primary focus of your photos to be you and your partner.

Think back to how intimate and personal your engagement photo session was. It would only make sense to try to carry this experience into your wedding day. Because, really, the day is about you and your partner. A second photographer allows for responsibilities to be delegated over the course of your big day, so you can remain, no matter what, at the center of focus.

04. You would like to see various angles and more photos, in different perspectives.

When you look back at your wedding photos in 10 years, you don’t want there to be a single emotion overlooked. You have to decide also, what’s important to you. ​​Do you want pictures of your future husband’s reaction to seeing you walk down the aisle, AND pictures of your face while walking towards him? Your walk down the aisle; your partner’s reaction. Your first kiss; your guests’ reaction to it. Getting all perspectives can be tough with a single photographer, but two ensures a variety of angles and perspectives.

Decide what’s most important to you, and make the decision from there! This is YOUR day!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that has experience with shooting alone and with a secondary photographer, I’m your girl!


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