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So you just got your wedding gallery from your photographer, now what? Most wedding galleries can have close to a thousand photos, or more! You’ve looked through all of them and you love every single one of them, but you don’t want to upload all of them to Facebook and Instagram. That’s why I’m here to share 3 tips for sharing your wedding photos on social media.

01. Tag Your Photographer

This is so important. You have paid your photographer for this service and they have spent many hours preparing, shooting, and editing. Please please please tag your photographer so people know that it is their work. Word of mouth is a big part of marketing for photographers, and making sure your guests know who took those beautiful photos is huge. Those photos are your photographer’s livelihood, make sure you give them credit for it!

02. Don’t Screenshot From Your Gallery

This will really affect the quality of the photos. To make your photos look the best they can, and are accurately representing the work of your photographer, make sure you download your photos properly. Most photography gallery sites even have the option to download web-sized photos meant for posting on social media.

03. Try to Tell a Story through the Photos

Instead of choosing 200 random photos from the gallery because you love all of them so much, try to choose around 50 that will tell the story of the whole day. For example, 5 bride +bridesmaid getting ready photos, 5, groom and groomsmen getting ready photos, 5 detail photos, 5 first look photos, 5 bride and groom portraits, 5 ceremony photos, 5 family photos, 5 toast and cake cutting photos, 5 dancing photos, and 5 photos from your exit. This way, people who were not able to come can see the full story of your big day.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’m your girl! Reach out to me here. For more wedding tips, click here.


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