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It’s the question that I get almost every time I book a new Wedding Client! “Caroline, do I need a second photographer?” I understand more than anything that this can be an overwhelming question for so many. I can assure you that most photographers, including myself, are beyond comfortable shooting alone. Hiring a second photographer is about YOU. Your wants, your needs, and ultimately what works best for your wedding day!

First of all, if you just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such an exciting time in your life that will go by so quickly, savor every second of it. If you clicked on this blog that means you’re trying to decide if taking engagement photos is worth it, and I’m here to tell you they 100% are! Keep scrolling to see my top 5 reasons why engagement photos are a must.

Everyone wants their wedding to really represent their love as a couple, but finding ways to make your wedding stand out among the rest can be difficult. So in this blog, I am sharing 5 ways to make your wedding more unique. Feel free to take the ideas and run with them. It’s your day!

I hope these ideas spark something in your mind to make your day oh so special!

Listen, printing your wedding photos is easy to put off, but I can PROMISE you there are more reasons than the obvious to get these printed ASAP after your big day.

You’re likely spending a good amount of money on photography between your engagement photos and your wedding day. Make sure those stunning images don’t just live digitally on your phone or an external hard drive forever. Print ?? those ?? pics! ??

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